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Project Description

Juan Dolio Real Estate –

Juan Dolio Real Estate is a property site using WordPress and highly recommended theme designed specifically for Real Estate websites.  I had worked with the owner of this site in the past and was originally asked to oversee an upgrade from what had been a blog style site to a more professional data based one.

The owner had contracted someone from assuming it would be both cheaper and quicker than using my services as at the time I was overly committed with other work.  As it turned out the Freelancer could not come up with what had been promised and as my workload had decreased I took on the work for both this and an equal rental site using the same theme.

The result has been highly successful with top page one ranking for many keywords and an average position on Google Console of around 10 to 12 for the site in general.

This site was also hacked at one point but I was able to recover the site from backups and have now added additional protection with a Word Fence plugin which I fully recommend.

Recovering hacked WordPress websites is another service I do offer by the way, so if that should ever happen give me a call.  I will also recommend suitable options to secure the site in the future.

Project Details