About Us

  Hello! Welcome to RepDomWebs

Well, maybe if we are going to work together it may be a good idea if you know a little about RepDomWebs.  Our specialty is WordPress Websites and the integrated SEO that enables them to be found on the web.

Who Are We?

We are English but reside in the Dominican Republic.


We have been involved in the internet, web design, and related topics for almost 20 years. Long before WordPress became the awesome builder it has now become.  In those days sites were constructed mainly using HTML.

WordPress was originally developed as a facility to build blogs but has evolved into a sophisticated website platform with an excellent client management system that now powers some 455 million websites which accounts for around 41% of all websites found on the world wide web. (Updated for 2021)

Google has also developed during these years from one of a number of search engines to be the driving force of search throughout almost all the world (China and Russia the exceptions).

Design Structure

Throughout it has become clear that a well-structured website, utilizing an attractive and appealing layout and providing readers with quality content will achieve good ranking without the need for“black hat” tactics and the associated risks.

We know there are many individuals and small businesses struggling to make their mark against large companies who can afford to pay either their own IT personnel or employ specialists to design bespoke websites for them.  Many of these charge very high fees and will try to convince non-tech savvy persons that they really do need their services to survive.

This, however, is not always the case, and for many businesses, a well-designed WordPress website with good SEO can achieve the desired results. Additional factors are that updating is now available automatically, and editing the site content can be undertaken by the site owner.

This is not usually an option with an individually coded website where even minor adjustments may need the original developer’s intervention.

Why Choose Us

That is all very well you may be saying but how does that help me to decide if RepDomWebs can produce the website I want at a cost I can afford.

We can only tell you that you will get appropriate advice and information from us and a genuine assessment of the requirements you need from your site.  If we do not believe WordPress is right for you we will tell you and offer alternative solutions.

As far as cost is concerned every site is different. A simple website providing company information and an invitation to “get in touch” is very different from an e-commerce website with lots of products for sale.  So the price will depend on the complexity of the website, but we always offer a fixed quote so you will know if it is within your budget.

So do please get in touch and talk to us.  There is never any commitment until you decide you want to go ahead and accept the terms we offer.  And if you want to know a little more about the technicalities of website design, structure, and coding you can find this on our Website Design Page.


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