Big Buds Guide

https://bigbudsguide.com This website incorporates a directory covering the USA and Canada listing dispensaries linked to their Google map location for easily locating their position and distance from the person making the search.  Directions are also available.

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420 Beginner

https://420beginner.com This website incorporates WooCommerce and also until recently Shopify.  It includes many affiliate links and is designed as a blog with sales via these links. It has a large number of articles, blogs, reviews of products, and requires constant updating and maintenance.

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Go Puerto Plata

https://gopuertoplata.com This website makes use of the similarity of its URL to the Dominican Republic Tourist Board website https://godominicanrepublic.com. It covers the Puerto Plata province offering both a directory of businesses and a classified ads section for those wanting to advertise within this area. The idea behind the site came from the number of requests

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Juan Dolio Living

Juan Dolio Living Website – http://www.juandolioliving.com Juan Dolio Living is a blog style website with the aim of promoting the town and its facilities to potential property purchasers and vacationer. As such it provides a description of the town, a detailed map and various lists of restaurants, bars, shops, banks hotels and rental accommodation. The

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cabareef website

Cabareef Website

Cabareef Rental Condos: http://cabareef.com Originally this project was to work on the website SEO to improve ranking.  In the end, it was decided to design a totally new site as the old one had many design limitations.  The new site only took a few weeks to set up and with built-in SEO during design very

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Art Caribe

Art Caribe – http://www.artcaribe.com/ ArtCaribe is a website that was established with the objective of introducing and exposing the works of major artists from the Caribbean and Latin American Regions. It is a platform for artworks by many unheralded masters and committed to educating art lovers and collectors on their rich and immense contributions. The featured

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Juan Dolio Real Estate

Juan Dolio Real Estate – http://juandoliorealestate.com/ Juan Dolio Real Estate is a property site using WordPress and highly recommended theme designed specifically for Real Estate websites.  I had worked with the owner of this site in the past and was originally asked to oversee an upgrade from what had been a blog style site to

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